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Satin Love Orchestra

Admirers are growing by leaps and bounds, and the chatter is escalating to a roar: "You've got to see Satin Love Orchestra!" The Eugene based, nine-member disco/funk group packs every show with as much adrenaline as any party animal can stand, and their vibrant, 70's inspired appearance is nothing short of stunning.

From SLO's maiden performance at Eugene Oregon's Wild Duck Brewery, it was clear that this was no ordinary band. They made their entrance in a white stretch limousine which drove through a garage door and right onto the dance floor, bathed in a swirl of disco lights. This stunt has become the band's famous trademark, and the crowd loves it.

SLO's intoxicating sound is anchored by the stratospheric vocals of Lead Singer Matthew Love, whose stellar pipes rise above thick, pumping dance grooves with boundless energy and clarity. Bandleader and keyboardist Regis Funk adds additional vocal harmonies and groovy keyboard rhythms. Percussionist and third frontman Rich Sellars adds the third harmony, and a strong additional lead vocal. Together, the three singers belt out 3-part harmonies with remarkable clarity and intonation in a register usually reserved for the Bee Gees. This truly sets SLO's act apart from other regional acts. Meanwhile, a heavy driving dance groove backs them up, sending the audience into a frenzied uproar. Guitarist Joe Weber steers the band's sound away from traditional 70's disco and toward a modernized, aggressive alternative direction. Trumpet player Timothy Clarke, Alto saxophonist Ross Warren, and trombonist John MacDonald, deliver sweet bursts of funkified brass reminiscent of the disco era, while veteran drummer, Jason Palmer, and bassist Rica Wright, round out SLO's polished rhythm section.

Today SLO regularly entertains packed audiences at local and regional venues such as the Wild Duck Brewery, McDonald Theatre and the Eugene Hilton Ballroom. They have an original CD entitled "Love O'Clock," which features 12 all-original disco and R&B tunes. .

Some of the nice folks we've entertained:

Sony Disc Manufacturing
Red Cross
U of O Alumni Association
Dynamix, Inc.

Events and Festivals we've headlined:

Munch-N-Music, Bend
Eugene Celebration
Springfield Filbert Festival
Salem Bite
Fat Tuesday, Lotus, Portland
Party In The Park